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BBC 'All Night Star Party' Review

Last weekend various ADAS members were at the BBC's 'All Night Star Party' to commemorate Mars' closest proximity to the Earth in 67,000 ye

The Best of Llyn Brenig

More than 4 hours of the best transparent conditions Llyn Brenig (North Wales) has to offer. NELM 6.5+! The Milky Way was clearly visible...

Gatley Festival 2003

ADAS had the usual yearly stall at the Gatley Festival, last Sunday, 6th July.

Algarve Attractions

Scope assembled in the evening. Surprise, surprise a clear sky, a brief session hidden behind the wall of the swimming pool revealed mag. 6

Colin Henshaw in Saudi Arabia 9/12/2002

I was down on the beach 60kms north of Dubha on the Red Sea last weekend. It is an absolute pleasure to go snorkeling in the sea,

Paul Clark Observation 15/11/2002

Desperation had set in. A hint of a few hours on Tuesday was enough to brave the conditions.

28/8/2002 Observation Llyn Brenig

Last Saturday night saw 4 of us down at Llyn B again, this time seeing conditions were perhaps the best we'd ever seen there.

Gatley Country Fair 2002

This year ADAS attended the Timperley Country Fair on Saturday 21st September. The event had been cancelled last year which dented our funds

1/9/02 Observation in Gradbach

Richard and myself had a productive few hours at Gradbach on Sunday night. I started off early and spent the time digging through DSOs in...

Observation 14/8/02 at 3:00

I've just spent the last half an hour outside, enjoying a naked eye view of excellent clear sky,


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