3D Photography and it's Applications in Astronomy
Anthony Jennings


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This presentation will show the history of 3D imaging, how to create your own using free software along with seeing the very latest 3D images from NASA and ESA.

Jennings' 3D images have appeared on NASA’s STEREO (Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory) website. He has had photographs in Sky At Night and Astronomy Now magazines, and shown on Granada Television. The Late Sir Patrick Moore once said about his colour pictures of the Moon, “These images have been taken by the Apollo Missions” when in fact they had been taken from a back garden in Manchester.

3D Photography and it's Applications in Astronomy
7 Oct 2022
Manchester Astronomical Society Vice President

Anthony Jennings

588th Meeting

The current Covid figures are not great but they are much better than last month and the hospital figures are low so we've decided we'll reconvene at the village club as normal this month at 8pm. Masks will be optional but if you can cope with them, particularly when not seated, I would prefer it.

If you aren't comfortable coming back, please join via Zoom. The link will be shared via email (to get emails, join, or if you are a member, email secretary.adas@gmail.com).

  • 15 parking spaces available behind the Timperley Village Club

  • Local tram stop 22min walk (1.1 miles)

  • 6 bus stops from 177ft to 0.1 miles

First Friday of every month, except in July and August.

Arrive at 8pm