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The Timperley Village Club is within the Greater Manchester conurbation and suffers from light pollution (limiting mag 4.5). As a result of this we make trips out into the neighbouring countryside where conditions are better. The trips tend to be arranged on an ‘ad hoc’ basis, due to uncertainties in the weather, but usually take place on the weekends either side of the new moon

(these events will be posted on the "Upcoming Events" page and "Home" page).

Brief descriptions of the various dark sky sites, including location and typical limiting magnitude, are given below.

The order is in increasing distance from the Timperley Village Club.



  • Approximately 13 miles SSE of Timperley.

  • It is located at a wide sweeping bend on a quiet country road off the A537 between Chelford and Macclesfield. There is room to set up several telescopes. ADAS members have an arrangement with a local farmer to use his adjoining field.

  • There are good all round horizons with the darkest sky to the South. 

  • Limiting apparent magnitude ≈ +5

Tegg's Nose Country Park

Tegg's Nose Country Park
  • Approximately 18 miles SE of Timperley and 2 miles up in the hills east of Macclesfield.

  • The car park has a good level tarmac surface with plenty of room for twenty or more cars.

  • Good horizons to the East and South with noticeable light pollution to the West and North. 

  • Limiting apparent magnitude ≈ +5.7


  • Approximately 28 miles SSE of Timperley and 3 miles SE of Allgreave in the Peak District.

  • Located on some open ground to the right of a sharp left bend in the road. Careful driving needed on the road east of Allgreave during the winter. There is plenty of room for at least half a dozen cars.

  • Significantly darker than either Siddington or Teggs Nose with good all round horizons. 

  • Limiting apparent magnitude ≈ +6.03

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Llyn Brenig

Llyn Brenig
  • Approximately 72 miles West of Timperley and 13 miles SW of Denbigh.

  • Much further than the other sites but undoubtedly the darkest. Driving time around 1 ½ hours on good roads.

  • Located at the end of a ~1 mile cul-de-sac near to the lake with room for a dozen or more cars. When the wind is from the North, off the Irish Sea, there are often local clouds even though it is clear elsewhere.

  • No discernible light pollution to the South or West with a little to the North East due to Denbigh/ Liverpool/ Manchester. 

  • Limiting apparent magnitude ≈ +6.3

  • There is a location of an alternative site which is higher up should it be misty by the lake. This second site is more exposed and the Denbigh lights are more in evidence.

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