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Asteroid 2002 NY40 Flyby

So far, we have 2 confirmed sightings of the object by Roger Livermore Richard Bullock and Phil Masding. No such luck for Paul Brierley or myself. Interesting to see that varying equipment produced varying results - Roger's sighting was with a 10'' SCT, and Richard's with a 4'' Newtonian. Paul drew a blank using a 12'' Newtonian, and I also failed to see it with the society's 20x100 bins. I was definitely looking in the right place at the right time, but no luck, ho hum. Don Utton and Colin Henshaw may well have managed to image the asteroid, so let's hope they were successful in their attempts, and watch this space for results.

© Phil Masding, Asteroid Image

© Phil Masding, Asteroid Image

by Unknown ADAS member

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