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BBC 'All Night Star Party' Review

Last weekend various ADAS members were at the BBC's 'All Night Star Party' to commemorate Mars' closest proximity to the Earth in 67,000 years. People from other societies throughout the north - west were present, displaying various astronomical oddities, such as a pair of binoculars (?) made from a pair of 6'' F8 refractors, skillfully lashed together, or Paul's 'extra lightweight' 10' dob, or an 8'' F3 spider-less newtonian, with the secondary being mounted on a flat glass plate, at the front of the scope. The Isaac Newton 2.3metre scope in La Palma was ours for the night, as it were, and was taking requests from viewers and visitors. (well into the night for the visitors) Roger L was pictured at the start of the programme, stuffing his face with food, and Paul C was given a short slot to demonstrate his 10-incher to everyone. One startling fact also became apparent as the night went on, and that was I noticed that the 250m. Lovell Radio Telescope actually moves more quietly than an LX200. It truly whispered along it's tracks, barely audible. OOPS! nearly forgot to mention there was a photography competition as well - Phil Masding and Mark Crossley both took prizes, Mark's webcam image of Jupiter was commended as being particularly good - nice one Mark, I don't like completely hate you at all or anything, but poor me didn't even get a mention for my efforts :-(

by Unknown ADAS member

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