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Siddington & Tegg's Nose Observation 20/11/2002

A group of people went to Siddington first of all and then others split off to drive to Tegg's Nose in hope of escaping the encroaching cloud. Rates of over 10 per hour have been reported at around 04.00 am on Tuesday morning, and the evening was counted a success, given that there was intermittent cloud cover and an almost full Moon to contend with. I managed to get out of bed after Don's 2am alarm call, but unfortunately dozed right off again in the armchair, and missed everything - doh! If anyone has managed to capture any photographs, please send them over!

Discussion for a venue to view the Leonids Meteor Shower very early on the morning of the 19th is still under way, but seems to be either Siddington or a place nearby. If you haven't seen this on the newsgroup already, confirmation of venue will be posted here on Sunday night, 17th November.

Congratulations are in order for Mike Tyrrell and Phil Masding for their inclusion in December's issue of Sky & Telescope, with an article on satellite imaging, particularly the ISS.

by Unknown ADAS member

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