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Got an observation report, review or astronomical news article of your own you want to share? (~200 to ~2000 words)

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Stargazing March 2014

In our meeting on 7th March the skies cleared and most of the 40 members went into the car park...

Reinventing Space Flight

This video and text about re-inventing space flight comes from SpaceRip. Lots more of their interesting video content on YouTube.

Build Your Own Observatory

I was looking for some information on the design and manufacture of observatories. I came across some plans to build this observatory.

Sad news – TONY AREMIA

Sadly, Tony, a long time member of ADAS died suddenly on Friday 25th October 2013 following a massive aneurism.

ISS Viewing

There are some very favourable passes over the next few days which you might want to check out...

Astronomy from Saudi Arabia

A short description of the joys and challenges of astronomy from Colin Henshaw in Saudi Arabia.

Hubble's Time Tunnel

Interesting short film on the objectives of the Hubble Telescope Is time travel possible?

Voyager Leaves the Solar System

Here is a link to a great article on the Voyager mission by NASA, as Voyager 1 has left, with Voyager 2 hot on its tail

Hubble Discoveries

A video that logs some of the great discoveries that have been made by the Hubble telescope.

Psychology of an Astronaut

In astronomy we often focus on the cosmos and observing the cosmos from here on Earth or by using unmanned space craft.

The Ultimate Guide to Black Holes

This is a full length documentary (45 minutes) about black holes made and televised by National Geographic Channel.

Light Pollution

Ever noticed that orange haze you get when looking at the sky at night?

BAA Exhibition 22nd June 2013

ADAS had a display promoting the Society at the BAA Exhibition held at Manchester Metropolitan University on Saturday 22 June2013.

Jodrell Bank 50th Aniversary Star Party

Last night saw the final event of the 2007 "50th Anniversary" celebrations of the Lovell telescope at Jodrell Bank.


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