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Altrincham Astronomy Society at Jodrell Bank

On Saturday 16th November several members of the Society attended the Jodrell Bank Astronomy Event. The evening began with a talk by Professor Jamie Gilmour about the make up of the universe, the physical difference between Comets and Asteroids what the planets are made of and how they came about.

Following the talk, for the last hour wee went outside and members of the public were able to speak to the various astronomers and the lecturer and look through the telescopes at the wonders of the night sky – at least they would have if it had not been cloudy!! However there were occasional glimpses of the moon through the cloud which allowed a number of people able to take photos of the moon by simply placing the camera against the eyepiece.

A number of people had iPads which could be used to show members of the public what was around in the sky if only you could see it and these also created a good deal of interest.

We enjoyed a good night fielding some enquiries about ADAS and also meeting up with old friends from the astronomical community. Sadly we got lost on the way home and had to go into the Edgerton Arms to ask the way!

by Geoff Flood

If you are interested in coming along to this type of event why not join the society here or contact us using the floating ‘Get in touch’ to find out when our next meeting is. You will receive a warm welcome.

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