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Timperley Country Fair 2021

Photo of the Chair with Audrey Binch, Alma Singers Chair and Andrew Jeffries, Sale Male Voice secretary; courtesy Christine Lavender

Photo of the Chair with Audrey Binch, Alma Singers Chair and Andrew Jeffries, Sale Male Voice secretary

Credit: Christine Lavender

I am extremely pleased to report that the Timperley Country Fair on Saturday was a success well beyond reasonable expectation and, particularly, for the joint ADAS and Trafford Arts Association stall.

  • The attendance at the stall by all age groups was outstanding.

  • The children’s quiz, galactic star search and alien drawing were enthusiastically tackled by many very young to youthful participants.

  • Copies of the quiz and star search were taken to be completed at home, scanned and emailed back to the chairman.

  • The outdated leaflets handed out to the public were verbally amended re: the website address and email contact and recipients were referred to the internet to access '' for current info.

  • Several local people were potential recruits for membership to ADAS.

  • Also the TAA display was well-received.

The chair arrived at 8.00 and was assisted by Parkinson’s Trafford branch in erection of the TAA gazebo. The stall was set up before members of the TAA arrived at 10.00 am and others, later on. Chris Lavender, ADAS, was in attendance for the majority of the day.

Interviews were arranged by ALTY local radio at which both the Chair for ADAS and Andrew Jeffries for the TAA promoted the organisations in some detail.

Heartfelt and grateful go to Christine L (ADAS), Andrew Jeffries, Bob Davies (both of Sale Male Voice), Audrey Binch, Terry Oddy (both of Alma Singers) for their enthusiastic attendance.

The fair closed after 4.00 pm and the chair was assisted by TAA members, Andrew and Terry, in deinstallation of the displays and gazebo.

A report will verbally presented at the next ADAS meeting. Apologies were noted from Ged and several TAA members.

Take care and stay safe.

by Peter Baugh, ADAS Chairman.

Click here for the Timperley Country Fair website


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