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Timperley Country Fair 2002

This year ADAS attended the Timperley Country Fair on Saturday 21st September. The event had been cancelled last year which dented our funds a little bit. This year the sun shone for most of it and we had a wonderful and profitable day.

As in previous years we had our reliable tombola stall, manned chiefly by Colin Steele and Paul Clark as the normally ever-present Ged was unable to make it. Don was running his Lunar Lucky Dip and Chris was running the Lucky6 game which was first tried earlier this year at Gatley.

This triple-pronged attack, once again, proved very successful for us and we raised about £200 for the society's funds after all the expenses were paid. It might have been a little more had Don not sold out completely before 2 O'clock.

The photo on the right (click it for a larger view) shows the ADAS stall with Don, Chris and Colin toting for business. Graham & Pauline, Tony, Graham S and Paul missed out on the photo but were there helping out.

by Unknown ADAS member

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