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Timperley Country Fair 1999

The society was again involved in Timperley Country Fair on Saturday 18th September to raise money for the society as a group having charity status. The weather was expected to be inclement i.e. pouring rain and gales. Cats and dogs weather. The Fair was expected to be a sad event as the Friday night before we had the best view of dark skies for months. The Gavin Critchley Meade was a treat finding everything it was pointed at! Jupiter was superb as was Saturn. We even saw Uranus and Neptune(?). Messier objects were real easy! The Moon although low was in fine fettle. Thanks Gav. The Fair however was dry and with good attendance we raised £182. The picture mosaic below summarises the day. No telescope because of the expected inclement weather, Ged and Don setting up, people buying, Colin Steele and stall staff doing a photo shoot for the record and Don with his, Christine Lavender's and Christine McCominskey's LUNAR LUCKY DIP (EVERYONE A WINNER). The kids loved it. They picked NASA straw test probes from the 'LUNAR' surface and won a lolly, a fine prize or lesser prize as luck would have it. Seems like we will have it again next year.

by Unknown ADAS member

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