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Perfect Pairs

Norman and Kevin or two LX 90s or maybe..?

M65 and M66 alive with great detail.

NGC4754 and NGC4762, a stunning contrast of edge-on and elliptical galaxies near Vindemiatrix.

M84 and M86 followed by the galaxy pairs of Markarian’s Chain in Virgo.

M60 and NGC4647 (or M59) at the edge of the Virgo mainline.

The main pair of spiral arms in the Whirlpool galaxy catching Colin’s eye for the first time.

Speaking of eyes, the brilliant green of NGC6543 was very Cat-like and paired with IC4677, part of the outer shell.

How about the ghostly NGC5053, a low surface brightness globular cluster adjacent to the brilliant M53?

The 2 main galaxies within Abell 1656, the Coma cluster and attending faint fuzzies.

M81 and M82, M82 having turbulent detail at high power in the 18”.

The double nucleus of magnitude 8 Comet Machholz (a background star within the coma).

The dark black-eye of M64 contrasting with the classic flying saucer of NGC4565 in Coma Berenices.

M13 and NGC6207, a stunning globular and bright galaxy in the same magical field.

The showpieces of M5, maybe the best northern globular and M3, a ‘splashy’ globular.

…maybe it was a great 3 hours and it was great to have company.

by Paul

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