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Observing at the Observatory!

Friday 27th

Borg 101ED

A range of observers saw a mixed bag of objects in a clear sky and blinding nearly full moon.

Coathanger Cr 399 3.6 asterism - Vulpecula

Dumbell M27 7.4 planetary nebula - Vulpecula

Albireo 3 colourful double - Cygnus

Owl cluster NGC 457 6.4 open cluster - Cassiopeia

M39 4.6 open cluster - Cygnus

M103 7.4 open cluster - Cassiopeia

Mizar & Alcor 2 double/triple - Ursa Major

NGC 6633 4.6 open cluster - Ophiuchus

M15 6.3 globular cluster - Pegasus

Makes a change!

by Paul Brierley

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