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Colin Henshaw and Eros

NASA has recently sent a probe to Eros to land and photograph the surface. Colin Henshaw sent this note to the web pages.

The NEAR Mission to Eros has fascinated me because it has revealed detailed images of an obscure object which I have actually seen and which I observed formally. Here are my observations of 433 Eros, made on January 12th. 1975, from the John Leigh Park, in Broadheath, Altrincham. The observations were made with a pair of 12 x 40 binoculars. The chart used was the BAA VSS chart for the semi-regular variable SV Lyncis, which was nearby as the asteroid moved by during its closest approach since the 1930's. I would be interested to learn when it is next going to come back as close as this visit? Anyone out there know the answer?

Julian Date        GMAT     Mag     Estimate      Class

2442425.339    08.09       7.8       G-4 H+2        1 2442425.358    08.36       7.65     H+4 G-3        1 2442425.383    09.12       7.7       H+4 G-4        1 2442425.403    09.41       8.0       G-6 =H          1 2442425.417    10.00       8.6        J-2                1 2442425.533    12.48       8.8        J-4                1 2442425.550    13.12       8.2        J+3 H-3        1

by Colin Henshaw

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