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ADAS visits National Space Centre

At last the gang from ADAS went to the National Space and Science Centre in Leicester. Coach travel, with the aid of Richard B's Dad (of BULLOCK's COACHES), proved an event in itself with Blake's 7 on video going there and StarTrek on the way back home. After the Centre's first computer failure tickets had to be hand stamped for the ADAS group which, being big enough, had adults enter at £5.95 instead of £7.95. Everyone clearly enjoyed themselves. Graham C learnt that the name for Pluto was chosen by an 11 year old girl called Venetia Burney from Oxford. That must have been about 1930. (We wonder if she is still alive? Sadly Clyde Tombough who took the discovery plate died in the 90's!) Adults could NOT get at any of the hands-on because of so many little hands-on! Sam McC could not be drawn on what was best but Sean, Andrei, Peter and Louis said the water rocket in the rocket tower, the Mars buggy rover and the theatre presentation were good to simply great. Must go again to catch the things we missed!

by Unknown ADAS member

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