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St. Martin’s Isles of Scilly

Report from St. Martin’s Isles of Scilly darkest and clearest sky I’ve seen.

6"Reflector and 15 x70 Bins

Saturday 11th September

Half hour walk back from pub meal under clear sky to horizon Milky Way wonderful!!

(Too tired after overnight journey to Penzance to observe)

Monday 13th September

Very clear between showers, too windy for telescope.

15 x70 bins, 22: 30 -23:35, M51 best I’ve ever seen it, M101, M13, M31.

Noss 2-2, 22:20-26, bins and naked eye.

Tuesday 14th September

6", Windy, 22:30 - 23:45. Searched for Toutatis (asteroid 4179) 40mm 2x converter, but wind was too strong to confirm whether I saw it.

Friday17th and Saturday 18th September

Last chance to observe. 21:00 to 00:35

21:05 ISS naked eye 67 degrees North. Flare 21:46 Pegasus -5 Mag.

22:35-00:50 TOUTATIS 6"R 40mm 2x converter near Kappa Cap +4.73 23:05

Looked at other things till 0:20 to see how much it had moved.

15x70 bins M51, M101, M71, M27, M13, M92, M31, M15, M33 (impressive) and for the first time M74 and M30

by John T

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