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Prepare for 11th Aug 1999 Solar Eclipse

Please remember that looking directly at the Sun WILL damage your eyes. If you wish to look at the Sun during an eclipse there are certain precautions you can take. However there is no totally safe method for looking directly at the Sun for a prolonged period. Click here for some basic guidelines on safety. Please note we will be selling mylar eclipse 'shades' (to a CE standard) at our meeting dedicated to eclipse observing (June 4th).

The last eclipse visible in England was the eclipse of 1927 which crossed Wales, Lancashire and Yorkshire. In case you are wondering where is the best place to watch the eclipse,  some industrious person has already done all the hard work for you. The best place is in Iraq!  If you are going to be watching the eclipse from the U.K. (poor thing), then you need to be in the "Toe of Cornwall". Falmouth is almost on the centre track and there is talk of the police trying to stop people going (something about public order). Just remind them that you have the right to travel freely and unhindered on the Queen's highway. For those venturing further afield, the most accessible locations will be in Northern Europe, particularly France and Western Germany. For those with a real wonderlust, here is the entire European eclipse track. The maximum duration of the eclipse is near the Black Sea.    Members below ready and eager to  see the eclipse in August!! If it is cloudy, wet, stormy or snow bound etc. where you are and you cannot observe the Sun then look at  Mees White Light Telescope.   Daily images are maintained for your convenience.

The picture below shows Dr. Colin Steele (L) and Dr. Don Utton (R) with Chair(man) Chris Suddick after the entertaining society meeting concerned with the forthcoming August eclipse. Don has the highly technical colander shadow machine and Colin has the probability chart of cloud cover! ( These appear elsewhere on our web site as does the eclipse 98 photo-insert).

CCD Solar Images

Don Utton and Roger Livermore are combining forces to get CCD pictures of the Sun. Don has provided high quality mylar filter medium and Roger the CCD and the time and effort to get the pictures! His first CCD solar effort is below, much sharpened and contrast enhanced but at least the sunspots can be seen on a day that was filled with rolling cloud (that's CLOUD not ROCK!). The picture right is their most recent attempt. Better with no cloud and greater magnification. Well done chaps.

© Rodger Livermoore

by Unknown ADAS member

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