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Perseids? What Perseids?

It seems the weather in the good old North-West of England has lived up to it's usual reputation, robbing us of yet another meteor shower following last year's cloud cover for this event, the Leonids and the Geminids. The sky was beautifully clear right up until about an hour before sunset, and then right on cue, in rolls heavy cloud cover from the west. I sat on my back doorstep and watched in dismay as pristine blue sky gave way to total cloud cover, which has remained up until the time of this posting, just after 2am, Tuesday morning. Now I must go and sulk.

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday, September 6th at 8pm, at the village hall as usual. I hope to make the Latest News page an interesting place to visit, and welcome any suggestions regarding improvements, etc., so please don't be backward in coming forward if you have ideas. Tony Blair commented on winning the General Election in 1997 that his new government had to 'hit the ground running', whereas I have just, well, 'hit the ground' when it comes to web publishing, and will be continuously looking at ways to improve 'The Astroadas Experience'. That's all for now, more updates soon.

Well, another observing season beckons with the approach of the Perseids Meteor Shower, on 'The Glorious Twelfth' (unless you happen to be a grouse of course, and then you'll stay in bed if you know what's good for you) Paul Brierley has suggested a visit to Siddington that very night to view proceedings, so please keep an eye on the dark sky page for confirmation and details if you are interested

by Unknown ADAS member

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