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Llyn Brenig Observation 12/12/2001

It was probably the clearest 'seeing' I've experienced for at least two years. I counted 10 stars within the square of Pegasus with 2 or 3 more possibles. I also noted 9 Pleiades which, I think, is a first for me. I have often noted 8 on good nights so the clarity and LM  were very good.

Used an 8.75" dobo so very little setting up time as I didn't bother with any polar alignment :-) I visited a few old regulars such as M42 and M31 and found M1 for the first time in my life! Also had some 'firsts' with M74, M77, M78 and M79 with many thanks to Paul C for his help in locating them. Had a superb view of Saturn with its rings at maximum opening. It'll be another 14 years before we see that again.

Nearly permanently scarred my retina with the view of Jupiter. Could easily see two belts but no GRS. One day I'll see it.

by Chris Suddick

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