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23/3/2002 Tegg's Observation

8 PM - The weather at Tegg's was rubbish. Graham and Pauline C, Kevin T, Richard B and Don U all turned up by Sunset with faith and hope but the weather had NO charity! The cloud had simply thickened instead of thinned and even the Moon could not be seen through what covered Tegg's Nose visitor centre. No chance of Ikeya-Zhang et al. Why oh why be an astronomer in Britain!?

3 PM - Half a dozen or so members of ADAS are braving cloudy skies to travel to Tegg's Nose near Macclesfield at Sunset today to have a go at Comet Ikeya-Zhang, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and the Moon. The NOAA-15 satellite weather image shows extensive cloud cover but it is very thin. As this is being written (1 pm) Timperley has this cloud of course but the Sun is shining through and its small(!) Sunspots can be well seen against the solar disc. The objects to be seen this evening are all bright enough to be seen through "thin" cloud if it is "thin" enough. Fingers crossed. Graham C will be getting there before Sunset at about 5.30 pm to get set up in daylight. See you there!

by Unknown ADAS member

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