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We are a friendly society of around 30 people who meet regularly to talk about and enjoy the night sky. We have several telescopes and other pieces of equipment which can be borrowed by society members for their own use. 

Throughout the year we meet on the first Friday of each month (except July and August) at 8pm until 10pm at Timperley Village Club. At these monthly meetings we discuss the society's business and have an event such as a lecture, video, slide show etc.



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4 Feb 2022

583rd Meeting

Due to rising figures of Covid-19, we're unsure as to whether an in-person meeting will go ahead next month or whether it will take place on Zoom.

For more information on future events like this, look at our 'Upcoming Events' page. 

To attend, become a member or pay a £3 fee at the door

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It hasn't been possible to organise an in-person Open Day, so we thought the next best things was to organise a virtual Open Day and the video (below) illustrates the features of this Open Day. 

It's an Open Day which will cater for all age groups, and it's hoped you'll participate by attending on Zoom (the date yet to be arranged).

Open Day 2014


This is the line up of the three people that keep this fantastic society ship shape, bringing the cosmos to you, even if the clouds cover it.