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The Square of Pegasus from Oman

X-OriginalArrivalTime: 13 Oct 2001 14:30:44.0986 (UTC) FILETIME=[A4C8B5A0:01C153F3]

Report on Observations of Naked Eye Stars in Pegasus


To observe as many naked eye stars as possible inside the Square of

Pegasus, from a dark site in Oman, so as to draw a comparison between

skies here, Llyn Brenig and elsewhere.


A dark site was visited at an isolated location in the Hajjar Mountains, and

once dark-adapted a count was made of the naked eye stars inside the Square

of Pegasus. The region was at a high altitude, so there was so there were no

problems with atmospheric extinction. Stars observed on the perimeter of the

square (Alf And - Bet Peg - Alf Peg - Gam Peg - Alf And) would be counted as

being inside the square. Once a star had been positively identified it was

ticked off in Norton's. Observations were concluded when no more stars were



The following stars were identified:

Star                      mv

Ups Peg              4.43

Tau Peg              4.60 - 4.62 (v)

Psi Peg               4.66

56 Peg               4.76

Phi Peg              5.08

HW Peg            5.32 - 5.62 (v)

75 Peg               5.49

87 Peg               5.56

SAO 108443     5.68

85 Peg               5.80

69 Peg               5.96 - 5.98 (v)

SAO 108400     6.16

60 Peg               6.20

65 Peg               6.29

SAO 91321       6.41

SAO 91133       6.57

Observations were made on October 12th., 2001, between 16.13 UT and 16.39 UT.


Sixteen stars were identified, of which SAO 91133, at 6m.57 was the faintest.

References: Marriott, Chris; SkyMapPro7.

by Colin Henshaw

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