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ADAS at the AAC Star Party 30th October 1999

Since Peter Drew's talk to ADAS in April this year (1999) we at ADAS have been trying to organise an outing to visit the Amateur Astronomy Centre. This effort resulted in a visit by 5 members to the Star Party of the 30th October. Roger L  took Graham C, Pauline C, Tony A, Sean O and himself (Roger L) to the complex circa 2pm in weather conditions which simply got worse. If you do not live in English weather conditions count yourself  Astronomically lucky!

    If you have a copy of Astronomy Now for March 2000 you will see ADAS members in the picture of those attending the AAC meeting in the front row ready fo Mike Frost's lecture.

    The visit was worth it however. The talks were excellent. Tony A was reminded of Lockyer's obs in Sidmouth 50 years ago by Mike Frost, he and the Cliffs were reminded of this year's eclipse and of last year in Curacao (1998) and quite simply a good time was had by all, especially Sean.

by Unknown ADAS member

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