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6 Sunspots Visible

Have a look at the Sun. A line of 6 Sunspot groups along the equatorial line has now been added to by a group of 2 spots much higher in latitude nearer the pole. This was written before corroboration. I (GC) hope I have the facts correct. If I have the start of the next cycle is in place!

by Unknown ADAS member

The SUN 16th July. Two spots close to the poles look like the start of the next Sunspot cycle. I hope I have got my facts correct!? (G. Cliff) From Dave T. - SUNSPOTS  Wednesday 28th. A significant increase in solar activity has been observed during the last week following almost 3 months of very quiet activity. The Sun appears to be in a state of ENERGETIC Sunspot growth. This is evidenced by the appearance of a large Sunspot group that recently rotated around the eastern solar limb. This Sunspot group, which is now visible to the PROTECTED naked eye, is the largest and most complex Sunspot group we have observed in many months. Do NOT look directly at the SUN! The second picture is from Chris Suddick. Rec'd 30th March.

The Sun on the 28th March 2001
Sun on 28th March 2001

Chris Suddick's image of the Sun 30th March 2001
Chris Suddick's image of the Sun 30th March 2001

SUNSPOTS AND STORMS!? The recent inclement weather in Britain (the flooding) and the fact that this year (2000) is Sunspot maximum reminds me that the last bad storms were 1987/90, nearly one Sunspot cycle ago! This was the last time we had major Aurora Borealis, just like we have had this year (2000)! And apparently the USA has had clear skies, hot weather and drought in the midwest! The start of 2001 has had reports of coldest ever temperatures in parts of the USA and Siberia whilst Moscow has had warmer than usual temperatures. All blamed on global warming!? At least the EURO's value is NOT blamed on global warming or will it? Is there even any correlation between Sunspot cycles and El Nino? In fact is there any chance of anyone out there getting  research data identified to chase up the BAD WEATHER Storms/Sunspot connection and NOT simply a temperature connection? Dr. Chris Butler of Armagh observatoryand planetarium, Northern Ireland has already demonstrated that there exists a temperature connection between Sunspot cycle length and temperature in the literature. That is for the last 200 YEARS at least! ie when there was NO global warming!?  I remember recently an explanation on TV that the solar wind detector satellites sent up by NASA were there to check for particle densities in near Earth orbit to anticipate satellite interference problems. However there was also speculation that higher Sunspot activity, increasing the Solar wind density, could also result in an increase in particles getting into the Earth's atmosphere. This potentially had the knock-on effect of causing more rain generally, therefore FEWER clouds and hence clearer skies, which meant then, in warmer climes, more evaporation and therefore more water in suspension in the atmosphere. This would subsequently fall elsewhere as rain because of the increased availability of the particles on which moisture could condense. And so NASA thought Sunspots and Storms/Heavy Rains are related - QED!? Are there any storm record achives that anyone knows of and which could be accessed by private individuals? Anybody out there got any thoughts on this interesting hypothesis?

Wednesday 18th October provided an opportunity to check for Sunspots. The effort was a complete waste of time.  "TWO" groups only worthy of comment and certainly not worth photographing or even going to MEES in Hawaii for a decent picture! Sadly the naked eye Sunspots reported below have gone and been replaced by a line of Sunspot "minnows"! C'est la vie.  They were seen Friday 22nd September from Shrewsbury rail station (on the way to Portmeirion) using pin-hole projection, to other rail users amusement. Did anyone see any Aurora caused by them? YIPPEE!!!! Two NAKED EYE Sunspots! Can you believe it? At LONG last!!!!!! Click ON the thumbnails below to get the BIGGER pictures. You will then need to go BACK in your browser to return to this page.  The BW picture is courtesy Paul Brierley from England taken at 10.15 UT 21st September. Even better you can have a look yourself at the Mees White Light Telescope image set from Hawaii, from which the first thumbnail below was taken. If you try it visually do not forget to use last year's eclipse shades!? MWLT access is indicated below.

by Unknown ADAS members

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