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MINUTES | 2012

2nd March 2012


Members present:- 

Talk was by Geoff Flood entitled ‘Living and Working in Space’ A really enjoyable and informative talk and was thanked by everybody.
Secretary was absent therefore no minutes from the previous meeting.
The new venue,has been confirmed from April. The next meeting of ADAS will be held at Timperley Community Centre 121 Park Road Timperley at 8pm. This will be an open telescope night where members may bring their own scopes and get advice and instruction from more experienced members and share knowledge.  
Other events:- Wythenshawe Park Stargazers meeting Wednesday 7th March 6-9pm near to the horticultural centre in the park.
Jodrell Bank imaging workshop 21st April
Merseyside Astronomy group 12th May 
Other news and events have all been circulated by email previously but if any more information needed then please contact Geoff.
Treasurers report:- We are £1300 in credit, although we have some bills to pay.
AOB :- Keys for the Scout Hut need to be collected in and returned before we officially change premises.
A volunteer is needed to move the metal cabinet from the Scout Hut to the Community Centre (Karin Rodgers volunteered her husband Kevin and car if needed ) - to be co-ordinated between Chris, Geoff and Kevin if needed.
A reminder to those who wish to be kept on the email circulation list to make sure they give their email addresses to Geoff Flood to ensure they don’t miss out.
Graham Cliff reminded everyone that it is the WWF Earth Hour on March 31st and a request was made for people to consider turning their lights off from 8.30pm – 9.30pm on this evening to support this.
Chris thanked everybody for coming and the meeting was officially closed at 9.27pm

6th April 2012



Chris Suddick (Chairman), Geoff Flood, Graham Cliff, Tony Aremia, Roger Thorp, Karin Rodgers, Brian Warrier, Kevin Rodgers, Eddie Bruce, Ben Gribbon, 
Stephen McHugh, Margaret Masterson, Michael Masterson, Norman Thurston,
Geoff Walton, Peter Baugh, Ged Burbeck
Total 16


A number of notices which have been circulated to members about various events, including Notification of Keele Observatory’s 50th birthday celebrations on 19th May and Wythenshawe Stargazers meting on TUESDAY 17th April.
We were advised of the Neighbourhood Voluntary Sector Grant Scheme where grants of £200,000 are available in £50,000 lots with the suggestion that we might be able to make use of some of this money. It was decided, not to apply as we have no project in mind, however it might be worth considering in future years.


Funds are now transferred to the Barclay’s account.

The FAS e-mailed to say that because we had missed the deadline for payment our subscription would be increased to £28, however Richard pointed out that the cheque had been posted prior to the deadline - we only paid £14. 

We were unable to have a tea/coffee break because although we had all the brewing materials there were no cups. We will have to remedy this situation.

This evening was devoted to telescopes, an opportunity for more experienced members to illustrate the possibilities with somewhat more upmarket scopes and for the less experienced to get help with setting up their own scopes and learning about how best to use them.
Some 6 or 8 scopes were on view from tiny portables to large heavy ones some with go-to’s others being purely DIY.
A thoroughly enjoyable and, for most, profitable evening. Sadly, as might have been expected, there was a heavy layer of cloud making viewing impossible.

The next meeting will be held on Friday 4th May 2012, 8:00pm at Timperley Community Centre when Graham Cliff will speak on the subject of Light Pollution.

1st June 2012


Present Chris Suddick (Chairman), Geoff Flood, Colin Eaves, Kath Scott, Steve Holt, Peter Baugh, Christine Lavender, Tony Aremia, Stephen McHugh, Ben Gemmel, Richard Bullock, Phil Leigh, Graham Cliff, Andy Greenhow, Joshua Broomfield. Total 15

Richard Bullock spoke about what will be seen in the night sky in the coming months. The Transit of Venus, on 6th June, was discussed with illustrations of is path across the face of the Sun. To get a good view one needs to be high up because the sun will be close to the horizon. Various locations for viewing were mentioned. On July15th almost a grazing occultation with Jupiter passing close to the moon but we are too far North get the images of the Moon Mountains. Artificial satelites can be seen and the ISS will be around in the late evening. Have a look at “heavensabove”for more info. Saturn will be around for some time over the summer but Mars is moving away. August 12th is the annual visit of the Perseids when the shower of meteors will hopefully be visible. Cygnus and Lyra will be directly over head - lie on your back with your feet facing South. So there is plenty to see even if viewing conditions might not be ideal at this time of year. Richard was thanked for his talk by Chris. Items of business included: The monthly list of FAS meetings East Sussex Astronomy Festival, 5th June Transit of Venus 6th June, Windgather Rocks (03:30hrs) Dark Sky Society AGM, 16th June in Cambridge Wythenshawe Stargazers meeting, 12thJune There was a discussion about the website. The current website is now in order and looking quite good, however Ged and Chris will discuss the way forward for the future. The FAS has proposed having time on the 250 mm Telescope in Spain. Costs would depend on take up but could be as little as £13 p/a if all member societies contribute, this would give us around 6 - 7 hours scope time. We would need a free WiFi venue for members to view. It was agreed that we would show interest in principle, up to £30 - £40 p/a. The Secretary to inform the FAS of our interest. The Chairman then closed the meeting.

7th September 2012


ADAS - MINUTES OF 48th AGM (477th Society meeting) Held on Friday 7th September 2012, at Timperley Community Centre. PRESENT Chris Suddick (Chairman), Geoff Flood, Graham Cliff, Steve Holt, Tony Aremia, Raj Goel, Peter Baugh, Stephen McHugh, Joshua Broomfield, James Brown, Eddie Bruce, Ewan Hill Norris, Phil Reilly, Richard Bullock, Geoff Walton, Phil Leigh, Andy Greenhow. APOLOGIES Brian Warrier, Graham Sinagola. APPROVAL OF 2011 AGM MINUTES The minutes of the 2011 Minutes which were circulated electronically and were approved. MATTERS ARISING There were no arising matters ELECTION OF OFFICERS The Chairman thanked the outgoing Officers for their services over the past year. The following Officers were then elected for the year 2012 -2013. Chairman: Chris Suddick Secretary Geoff Flood Treasurer Richard Bullock Speakers Secretary Peter Baugh Minutes Secretary Graham Sinagola. All the above elected unopposed CORRESPONDENCE The Federation of Astronomical Societies supplied: • FAS Society programmes for September • Public Liability Insurance - we do not have it and although enquiries regarding cost have been made it is felt that we probably do not need it. This matter will be discussed at a later meeting • Details of the FAS Annual Convention in Cambridge • Liverpool AS sent a list North West Events (all from LAS!) Geoff informed the meeting that, former member, Dave Timperley's wife recently died suddenly. a number of members asked for Dave's contact details. TREASURER'S REPORT Richard presented the Accounts (attached to hard copy) and reported that He had made a loan to the Society to tide us over the period when a large payment had to be paid to First Timperley Scouts for back rent at a time when the funds were being moved from the Yorkshire Bank to Barclays. No interest is charged on this money. We have still not arranged regular payment to G Force for the rent of the room at Timperley Community Centre. (Geoff was asked to provide Richard with contact details) Fortunately we had speakers expenses of only £10 last year compared with £90 the previous year, this was because we had a number of talks from members thus making cost savings. ADAS running costs include £20 per month for room hire plus FAS fees plus speaker expenses. Richard reported that we only had 12 paying members last year which at current rates is not really sufficient to break even on the year. In reply to a question he estimated that we would need probably 15 members to break even. It was agreed that Annual Subscriptions should remain at £20 per annum for senior members and £1 fore junior members aged 16 and under. ANY OTHER BUSINESS There was some discussion about having active astronomy. Chris stated that in the past we have visited various sites such as Teggs Nose near Macclesfield and Llyn Brennig in North Wales . Andy Greenhow, who teaches at Altrincham Girls Grammar School in Bowdon, felt that he could probably get permission to use the school grounds as a local observing point. He will make enquiries but it was felt that for a first step this might be a useful site and then see how the members feel about going further afield. Following the AGM Chris Suddick gave a talk on "The Missions to Mars" relating the efforts to man's efforts to photograph and to discover more about the red planet right up to the latest "Curiosity" pictures. There being no other business the meeting was closed.

7th December 2012


Minutes of the 479th meeting, 7th December 2012 PRESENT Chris Suddick (Chairman), Geoff Flood, Eddie Bruce, Ewan Norris, Steve Holt, Andy Greenhow, Raj Goel, Geoff Regan (LAS), Dave Owen (LAS), Peter Baugh, Margaret Masterson, Ged Birbeck, Pat Gothard, Tony Aremia, Graham Cliff, Colin Eaves, Geoff Walton. Total 17 Chris Suddick introduced Dave Owen of Liverpool AS who was to speak on "Making a Telescope" The project went back to 1997. Someone said "let's build a telescope". They had an 18" mirror and decided to grind a 30 inch F4 lens with a 10 foot focal length - just like that! An appropriate lump of plate glass was acquired and they went to work using a Heath Robinson workshop ie a garage with bits of scaffolding , rope and a drill. The Lens was ground using a grinding wheel on the drill using pitch & Cerium Oxide as a grinding medium with a good deal of trial and error The 'scope was completed in February 1998. The next project was to grind a30inch F6 lens, this time using plate glass which is less liable to deformation. In 2005 a 20 inch F3.9 and a 20 inch mirror was produced. All the time, with experience, the team was getting more sophisticated in the measuring of shape and accuracy of the finished products. Similarly they developed an awareness of the need for proper support for the lenses. The final effort was ground to within 0.1 mm and was first used in public in 2010. Dave and Geoff were thanked by Chris for a fascinating talk. Following a break for tea, on this occasion accompanied by mince pies and iced doughnuts, there was discussion regarding the January 2013 meeting - it was decided that this would be a "Club Evening".

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